Property valuation

To determine the value of a property or a sub-portfolio, the discounted cash flow (DCF) or ImmoWertV strored in parallel can be used. The evaluation process by external experts (surveyors) is supported by the export of basic data for the evaluation and the automatic import of the created surveys.

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Evaluation methods – the choice is yours

To determine the value of a property or a sub-portfolio, you can rely on the discounted cash flow (DCF) and ImmoWertV valuation methods stored in parallel. Both methods use fully automatically required data from the object planning.

Forecast – how will the values develop in the future?

In particular, the performance of a real estate portfolio has a significant impact on company and investment values. The forecast takes into account the future market developments and the planning for the property. This forecast represents an essential pillar of the performance potential of assets. In scenarios, these forecasts can be varied and compared.

Integration – The evaluation is a centerpiece of the value-added network

The evaluation methods not only use the results of other modules (e.g. object planning); the evaluation results are again available for other modules at runtime. For example, you can immediately obtain information about new key performance indicators (LTV, change-in-value yield, etc.) and adjusted assets (NAV/share, IFRS book values, equity, etc.).

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TOP features of our software solutions for the valuation in the real estate industry:

Continuous DCF – valuation (for at least 20 years)

Regarding the aspect that the market value for every real estate object will be identified in planning year 10.

Reflections of valuation reserves

Automatical reflection of valuation reserves regarding asset values by HGB and determination of market values.

Menu-driven valuation according to ImmoWertV

Your employees will be assisted by different categories of real value and revenue by ImmoWertV, according to a matching dataset.

Asset value development by HGB and IRFS for each property for the future, accurate to the month

Calculation of AFA and asset value from the imported data, using the market value from the valuation.

Export of basic data according to zgif SubSet 5.6 for the evaluator

All information which is saved in the RE-VC will be provided in accordance with gif/ BIIS- standard.

Automatic import of reports in accordance with zgif SubSet 5.7

Not only the import but also the verification of reports will be supported.

FAQ and answers relating to property valuation

FAQ according to keywords in alphabetical order

Data of reviewers: Is it possible to use imported data from the report for the further planning of the market value?

Yes. The market rent per type of use can be utilized for future forecast of the real estate portfolio management as a fixed dataset.

Number of reports: Is it possible to import two reports per valuation date?

Yes. When evaluating an open-end public fund a reporting of two different reviewers is necessary, e.g. the RE-VC will calculate the average.

Import of reports: What kind of support does the RE-VC offer?

The RE-VC offers several possibilities:

  • Dashboard for releasing an import of the review's report data file (several reports can be imported per reference date or period of valuation).

  • Dashboard for the examination of data by the reviewer (Quality inspection: evaluation of the market value in accordance with provided basic data in comparison to the provided data set of the reviewer).

  • Dashboard for the data transfer of the evaluation of the property on the reference date. The data aof the chosen report stand for the evaluation of the future market value of the property regarding the planning of the fund.

Property sale: What about property sale? Are manual adjustments necessary?

Not really. When selling a real estate object, the sales revenue will be calculated by the RE-VC at the time of the sale (there are several options to do so) or assumed by the employee. The carrying amounts and/or the market value will be reduced in the same way. Simultaneously, the reicept of the money as well as further adjustments (such as elimination of amortizations, booking of the value of the sales price > carrying amount of a loss e.g.) of the planning are recorded.

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