Fund and Investment Management

All results from the Asset and Portfolio Management, Financial Management and Valuation are integrated in the Funds and Investment Management. Based on this, a reliable basis for the development of performance, cash and value over the entire product is created, taking full account ot the complexity of transnational, optionally multilevel investment structures.

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Simulation and consolidation is our strength

Only on the basis of the consolidation of the total assets and in consideration of the respective product specifics, reliable statements on the current status as well as the development of significant key performance indicators (KPIs) of an investor are possible. All plans for asset and portfolio management, financial management and valuation are automatically integrated in the fund and investment planning. Based on this, a reliable basis for the development of performance, cash and value over the entire product is created, taking full account of the complexity of transnational, optionally multilevel investment structures.

Including country specifics, currency and language areas

The RE-VC takes into account any country specifics and currency areas. We will be glad to support you in mapping of complex investment structures. Take profit from our best practice solutions for listed stock corporations, open-end funds, special funds or SICAVs. Give us a try and contact us.


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TOP features of our software solution for the fund and investment management in the real estate industry

Several currencies, language areas and units

The aspects are set up on demand. Conversions are made on an ad hoc basis at runtime.

Several currencies to one contract

For example, payment of the basic rent in contract currency and payment of the operating costs in local currency.

Investment Management

On the basis of definite investments, the cash flows between the legal entities are calculated.

Import and planning of share classes

The net fund assets can be planned differentiated up to 4 share classes.

Investment value forecasts

The forecast for the investment values per investor is part of the fund management.

Income statement & statement of assets

Both according to KARBV and/or ImmoInvFG.

Parallel KARBV and IFRS ledger

Both with planned profit and loss account, budgeted balance sheet and liquidity forecast.

Multilevel vehicles

The mapping and planning of multilevel vehicles is a speciality of the RE-VC.

Use of the corporate planning

For fund management, all functions of the corporate planning are additionally offered and documented.

Performance Monitor and more than 10 special KPIs

In addition to KPIs for corporate controlling, there are special KPIs for the fund.

FAQ and answers relating fund and investment management

FAQ according to keyword in alphabetical order:

Definitions: Due to our global positioning we have a defined use of language for all. Can this be transferred into the RE-VC?

Yes. The RE-VC offers the possibility to manage own language areas. Special terms or terms deviating from the RE-VC terminology could be included. While registering via the individual language area, these terms are used first, otherwise RE-VC standard.

Property Manager on site: Can the colleagues on locations work with local currencies and square measures?

Yes. This is possible as soon as the conversion parameters are integrated in the RE-VC and updated if necessary. It will be converted at runtime, at any workplace.

RE-VC usage: As a fund manager, can I also use a scoring system?

Yes. The subjects to be used are contractually agreed upon acquisition. The 9-field matrix and the 27-field matrix are available as standard when using the portfolio and asset management area. Subsequent activations, e.g. the individual scoring system, are always possible.

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