Real Estate-Value Integrator

The Real- Estate Value Creator is an innovative application that significantly simplifies data exchange for property managers and accountants. It is irrelevant in which format the data will be provided. The RE-VI adapts to the source and target systems and delivers results quickly, professionally tested and automatically.

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The advantages of the Real Estate-Value Integrator

Digital processes more and more develop a "life of their own" and neglect real face-to-face communication. This leads completely unintentionally to enormous additional work, reduced data quality and longterm corrections. The Real Estate-Value Integrator is an innovative solution that not only simplifies the data exchange process for property managers and accountants, but also provides automated, reliable and professionally verified support.


How does it work?

Like a chameleon, the Real Estate-Value Integrator adapts to the existing data sources. With the RE-VI, you use existing information and map the content to your target format once as part of the onboarding process. All agreements are stored in the system as simple rules. This makes it possible for the data to be checked for correctness and any discrepancies to be displayed with each new import. If deviations are detected by RE-VI, the data suppliers have the possibility to explain them within a comment function or to correct the data. By the way, the RE-VI works completely without the local installation of software products or apps! Of course, the data can also be fed into the RE-VC for further processing. This saves you time and resources and helps you reach your goal faster. We would be happy to show you how the RE-VI works under real conditions in a demo appointment. Please contact us!

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TOP features of the Real Estate-Value Integrator for the real estate industry

Simple data import via app

Using the app is very easy - and yet characterised by high quality results.

Individual and comprehensive depth of data

The data content to be delivered as well as its depth can be individually adjusted.

No Installation required

The Real Estate-Value Integrator works entirely without a local installation of apps or software.

Mapping procedure saves programming effort

Source and target fields are conveniently merged between transmitter and receiver.

Automated quality check

RE-VI automatically runs format- and plasibility checks and compares previous periods.

International use

You do not need to impose your currency and area formats or data characteristics on the sender, when using the RE-VI.

Comment function increases the depth of information

Within the framework of a comment function, the sender can provide the recipient with background information on significant data deviations from the previous period.

Simple onboarding process

The onboarding of new property managers is "reduced" to the agreement of the subject content and is carried out by the staff of the specialised departments.

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