Risk Management

In this part, different possibilities for evaluation and monitoring of qualitative and quantitative risk are available. The use of provided statistical methods such as sensitivity analyses or stress tests are supported and monitored by time-controlled, fully automated process management.

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Automated data integration

All statements in the risk management use and combine the data from your ERP system, data from scenarios and planning data. With full integration of the risk management into the value network (Value Net), you can recognize risks early, simulate any risks and put your existing planning to the acid test.  

Stress test and co.

Among others, the following methods support you in the field of risk management: scenario analyses, limit systems, sensitivity analyses, stress tests.

On request, stochastic methods for determination of value at risk (VaR) complete the range of services offered by the RE-VC BP Edition.


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TOP features of our software solution for the risk management in the real estate industry:

Integrated use of data

All planning or scenarios are automatically subject to the criteria of risk management.

Monthly and quarterly reports on risk management

All evaluations on the risk catalogue are available online and as a report.

Individual limit system

With observation areas, qualitative and quantitative risks as well as their indicators and responsibilities.

Sensitivity analyses and stress test

Automatic creation of a best and worst case scenario.

Timing of automatic stress tests

With setting of automatic workflows, e.g. rent forecast, technical measures, loans.

FAQ and answers relating risk management

FAQ according to keyword in alphabetical order:

Limit system: Can I also map my own qualitative risks?

Yes. Qualitative risks can be set up and monitored similarly to quantitative risks. The RE-VC automatically keeps the quantitative risk under control, while the qualitative risks need to be verbally assessed and independently controlled by the responsible person.

Number of risks: Is there a limit for risks to be created?

No, the number of observation areas, risks or indicators is arbitrary.

Quantitative risks: To what extent does the RE-VC support me in monitoring?

Once a key figure selected as an indicator is modeled in the RE-VC, it can be automatically monitored at reporting periods. Only the threshold ranges have to be set up when the risk traffic lights should turn green - yellow - red.

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