Customized Solutions for the real estate industry

A solution matches when it is customized to your business model. Every business model has its specific demands in regard to the requested calculations, processes and reports. We have summarized the specifics of particular business models. All templates master a contract and unity-specific planning. Learn more about your kind of solution.

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Our customized solutions

We have constantly enlarged our solutions by adding the specifics of different target groups for 17 years. There is a forecast of business shares for cooperatives as well as different reportings of shared assets of the fund.

We have classified those specifics roughly into 3 groups:

  • Stock Corporations with transparency for shareholders
  • Fund and Vehicle constructions of all kinds
  • Housing associations and cooperatives

There is only one Value Net for all purposes. All power users are free to use all functions. For logical reasons, only necessary topics will be activated in the system.

Consulting and software solutions for the real estate industry

Are you looking for a 360° software solution in order to manage your real estate portfolio as well as to simulate companies and investments? Contact us!

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