IRM: Information - Resource - Management

IRM Management Network GmbH specializes in joining together technical IT know-how, economic and process orientated know-how to comprehensive, practical management concepts. Our passion is the continuous development of as realistic as possible cause and effect relations to simulate future developments.

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What makes us unique

That’s our Value Net. Every registered modification has an impact on all aspects of the planning, forecast and controlling as well as on all fields of our management topics. Prompt and according to runtime you’ll get a result that’s comparable to a cutting-edge reporting.

The Value Net becomes your adaptive controlling and planning system by mapping all contractual relationships with its cash flows and cause and effect relations.

This includes rental contracts, internal and external business relations, credits (borrowed capital, shareholder and saving loans, swaps), hedging contracts, technical construction work, capital stock and participation certificates, market value assessments and much more.

Consulting and software solutions for the real estate industry

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