Corporate Planning

This builds on the planning of the real estate. It integrates results of affiliated companies or investments as well as internal and external business relationships. If required, different consolidation groups can be viewed in parallel by HGB and/or IFRS. The RE-VC always takes any country specifics and currency areas into account.

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Integration of all management topics

By the integration of all management topics in a value-added network, you can rely on forecasts of the income statements and balance sheet values. The forecasts are done in parallel in different accounting standards (HGB/UGB as well as IFRS, LuxGAAP, etc). You can flexibly plan original positions of corporate planning.

Consideration of internal service relationships and more

Within the value-added network, you can relay on the consideration of internal service relationships, the determination of the forecasted book and market values, the investment values, any financing from shareholder loans as well as the consideration of the distribution calculations. Core functionality of the RE-VC is the consideration of multilevel investments with their relationships on a value basis. In addition, several consolidation groups can be maintained, if required. The individual set of regulations is specified by each client.

Result integration of all departmental planning

The departments of your company work as specialists in their respective topics and yet you work in the same value and data net. The value net guarantees the consideration of all aspects from most different management areas.

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TOP features of our software solution for corporate planning in the real estate industry:

Configurations per company for financial years, distributions, revaluations and more

The individual configuration is possible for every company.

Mapping of business relationships between the companies and to external parties

Recurring cash flows are shown as a business relationship.

Modeling of different consolidation groups in parallel

A number of consolidation groups can be calculated in parallel.

Period-specific illustration of investments and share capital

The share capital is listed period-specific in the RE-VC and is taken into account in the planning.

Forecasting and daily automatic updating of the actual data on demand

The automation is possible by the use of an individual job planner.

Horizontal and vertical scenario comparisons with representation of deviations

This is a speciality of the RE-VC, to all facts, with possibilities of grouping and much more.

Individual monthly and quarterly reports, transfer of data to Power BI, Klick View or similar

The publication of reports follows a special release procedure.

Performance Monitor and more than 25 Key Performance Indicators

The special key figures for corporate controlling are continually increasing.

FAQ and answers relating to corporate planning

FAQ according to keywords in alphabetical order:

Consolidation: Is it possible to consolidate companies in different countries?

Yes. For this purpose, different currency rates may have to be imported and simulated for the future.

Financial years: Is it possible to plan clients with different financial years in parallel?

Yes, each company acts on its own and is flexible in its specifications.

Taxes: Is it possible to automatically calculate capital gains tax?

Yes, the module taxes can be purchased. Among other things, this can be used to maintain and calculate different tax rates per country.

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