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Today’s focus points of our development are digitalization, bots and automatic tasks, as well as wealth management. Also read historical publications on the concept of the management solution RE-VC.


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Improve communication!

Haufe, Immobilienwirtschaft 11/2022 - IRM Managing Director Thomas Krings describes in the column "DigitaliSaat" how digital processes are changing personal communication. How can communication be improved and more efficient with the help of IT?

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How digitalization changes the wealth management of the real estate market

The Property Post Letter 241, 26. September 2019 - Dr. Georg Alledorf, supervisory board of DWS Grundbesitz and DWS Alternatives GmbH, and Thomas Krings, head of IRM Management Network GmbH, explain in the TPP - interview, how digitalisation will change the wealth management of the real estate industry.

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Option A or B? Modern software will help to make a decision.

Immobilien & Finanzierung 04/2016 - While managers of real estate portfolios have made their decisions on only a few KPIs in former times, today many corporations use professional software to do so. They can simulate decision alternatives widely and will provide a 360 degree view on the managed assets. Scenario technology will make the basis of specialized sensitivity studies and stresstests.

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IRM publishes a full update of the Real Estate Software (RE-VC)

Berlin, 03. Dezember 2015 - IRM Management Network GmbH, a specialised consulting company which provides IT-based management concepts, launches an update of its RE-VC software.

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“Nearly destruction of assets”

The Property Post 10/2015 - Head of IRM Management Thomas Krings refers to the shabby handling of data.

The Property Post 10/2015 - "Fast Vermögensvernichtung" (Only in German)

The Value Creation-approach - Value Creation as an innovative management approach

The Property Post 09/2015 -

Companies dealing with real estate management, have only small scope to correct decisions they once made: the purchase of real estate objects requires high investments and financial resssources often are bound „in stone“ for a long period. To avoid wrong desicisons the asset manager needs effective tools, to forecast future developments and to administrate  a value based real estate portfolio.

The Property Post 09/2015 - Der Value Ceation-Ansatz (Only in German)

“Branch lags behind”

Immobilien Zeitung, 12. März 2015 - A gif–guideline ist o standardise the digital Dataexchange in Germany. This is sorely needed, as Thomas Krings and Stephan Seilheimer of the gif´s taskforce Real Estate Data Exchange explain in the interview with Immobilien Zeitung.

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gif data exchange guideline - sustainable tool for improving data

Der Immobilienbrief Nr. 342, 27.02.2015 - The professionalization and internationalization of the real estate industry, in combination with new risk management hurdles of regulation and the required standards in the reporting of professional, international investors, places increasing demands on IT and data migration. Isolated applications belong to the past.

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Extract gif guideline for real estate data (gif-IDA)

gif im Fokus, 1/2015 - From the product conception of an investment vehicle to the planning and construction of a property, the purchase, the ongoing management and the sale, countless information is exchanged between changing, specialized service providers and owners.

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